Silo Aeration and
Automation control systems

F – series

The fresh series of aeration units ensures silo stored grain remains low in temperature, low in moisture, and low in insect and mould activity.

The addition of F50, F100, F150 or F250 aerators to your silos will help safeguard the quality of your commodity and assist with fumigation.  When coupled with the AC21 electrical controller, the Fresh Series of aeration is the smart choice for managing in-silo storage that maximises your energy efficiency, product quality and storage life.

Features and benefits

Easy Installation

Cost effective


Energy Efficient

Ideal For:

Aeration units are an effective solution to cool grain and slow the deterioration of grains.  It allows for the following processes to take place:

  • Maintenance of germination and seed vigour when grain is stored in a cool dry environment.
  • Mould development is slowed when grain moisture is uniform
  • Pulse grains maintain grain colour and mould risk is reduced.
  • Oilseed quality can be maintained
  • Aeration in grain storage can slow or stop pest life cycle.
  • Ability to harvest early and reduce the risk of weather damage that can cause yield loss
  • Storage of grain at moisture levels above receival standards until blended with dryer grain

Maintains moisture retention safely for short periods prior to drying or blending


Agridry offers a range of aeration kits to suit most size silos. Below is a chart that will help users select the appropriate model for their particular size and type of silo. Note that if your silo is sealable (gas tight) you should select a “Sealed” kit.

The sealable kits have a flap that can be screwed tight over the fan intake to prevent gas escaping through the fan during fumigation. Sealable silos should be aerated, and should only be sealed closed if and when there is an outbreak of insects. Unsealed silos are not suitable for fumigation, as the gas will escape before it is able to have complete effect.

The fumigant needs to be in the grain long enough to kill all stages of insects, and in unsealed bins this does not happen. The result is resistant insects. For the same reason aeration kits should not be used to pump fumigant into the silo. It is most important to note that if the silo has a cone base with an angle of 35 degrees or greater, and a capacity of over 90 tonnes, the heavy duty duct kits must be used. Failure of the internal ducting may occur where these guidelines are not followed.


Silo capacity


Agridry Aeration Kit

Flat Bottom or In-Ground cone

Up to 90 tonnes Unsealed F50 F100 IG
Up to 90 tonnes Sealable F50S F100 IGS
90 to 130 tonnes Unsealed F100 F100 IG
90 to 130 tonnes Sealable F100S F100 IGS
130 to 200 tonnes Unsealed F150 F150
130 to 200 tonnes Sealable F150S F150S
200 to 300 tonnes Unsealed F250 F250IG


Suitable for silos

30T to 90T

Suitable for silos

90T to 130T

Suitable for silos

130T to 200T

Suitable for silos

200T to 300T

AC 21 Logging Aeration Controller

One of the commonly requested boards is for our AC21 aeration logging aeration controller This complete aeration control system pre-wired in a powder coated, weatherproof steel enclosure, ready for your local electrician to connect. We provide earth leakage protection as well as all necessary contacts and relays. Because of poor power supply in many regional areas we frequently wire the system to stagger start the aeration fans to avoid overloading the system on startup. The Agridry AC21 Logging Aeration Controller is designed for use in grain storage applications where grain is required to be kept for a period of time. It chooses the best available conditions to cool grain using natural ambient air. To do this, the controller uses a ‘Time Pro-portioning’ method perfected by the CSIRO. The cooling performance of the AC21 controller is maximized through the use of wet bulb temperature sensing, which enables the controller to choose the coolest driest air.

Features and benefits

USB Data Logging

Smart Pre-programmed touch screen

Automated control


The EasyAer controller gives you all the functionality of a full system but the convenience of plug and play that does not require an electrician to install. It is supplied with a 15amp inlet to connect your own extension lead and simply plug in your aeration fans into the weather proof 10amp outlets and you are ready to go. The EasyAer controller is a time proportioning, logging controller and will take the guess work out of the set point control and move the set points for wet and dry bulb to match the ambient weather conditions. It displays current temperature, humidity, and daily run times and has the ability to manipulate the wet bulb set point and the relative humidity operation maximum. You can download your runtime history via USB for viewing in Microsoft excel.

Features and benefits

Pre- Programmed Plug and Play System

USB Data Logging

Touchscreen Display

V – Series

Our V-Series range of switchboards are the most convenient range of switchboards available for larger scale aeration control. The V series switchboards range from 2 silo to 12 silo switchboards and can be modified to run from single phase or 3 phase power sources. Our v series boards are also accommodate the addition of wireless control and monitoring with a radio outlet as an additional option for more efficient control and monitoring of your silo aeration when you have so many thing to do. The V- Series range of switchboards are sleek and tidy by design and come with the confidence of knowing your aeration control is in safe hands.

Features and benefits

Available for 2 + silo

Smart Pre-programmed touch screen

Touchscreen Display

Automated control logging included in board

Need something even bigger ?

For storage silos with capacity greater than 500 tonnes, bunkers and grain sheds, contact Agridry for a quote. +61 7 4631 4300


Important Installation Information:

For Steep Cone Bases In silos with a cone angle equal to or greater than 35% and a capacity over 90T, it may be necessary to fit the heavy duty duct kits.  Extra high unloading rates and/or very steep cones put much higher stresses on the ducts, and can cause failure, so if you are in doubt, please ask for advice from Agridry.

For Fine Seeds (eg Canola) If you intend storing fine seeds such as Canola or fine grass seeds, you will need a ‘Fine Seeds Cover’. These covers pull over the ducting and prevent blockage of the holes, ensuring good air flow.  Using a fitting template (supplied with all kits for cone-based silos)  Fitting should take approximately ½ an hour or less for two men. Equipment required will normally be some spanners, drills, silastic and cutting equipment.

Parts & Attachments:

Purchase of separate components is done by contacting Agridry.   Most kits are made up of a fan/motor, and a ‘duct kit’. These items may each be purchased as separate items.

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