Designed and developed to ensure high production yields, Mecmar mobile Batch Grain Dryers meet the needs of small to medium sized agriculture producers.

Mecmar has a large range of Grain Dryers and AGRIDRY is able to supply all sales, service and support for the brand in the region. From Grain Dryers to Roasters Mecmar has been producing grain dryers for over 40 years and sold extensively in Africa and Europe.

Mecmar Roasters, roast cereals of various types and are treated homogeneously: the roasting process is performed in an optimal way, in order to guarantee numerous benefits. Many cereals and legumes, such as soy, are interesting for animal nutrition due to their high biological value of proteins, vitamins, fats and minerals. It is therefore a question of eliminating those anti-nutritional elements that hinder the assimilation of nutritional elements and this is where grain roasters come into play.

With the roasting process, in fact, trypsin inhibitors that interfere with the digestion of proteins are minimized without affecting the contents of fats and vitamins. In addition, bypass proteins are increased. All this makes cereals more appetizing for animals which, eating better, are more likely to grow strong and healthy.

Exclusive Australian & New Zealand Agent

Some points to note about Mecmar Grain Dryers:

  • Memcar is a family owned company that have been making dryers since 1976.
  • Reference sites in Australia & around the world of Mecmar installations.
  • Easy to setup and move around on farm when needed.
  • Straight forward operating system.
  • Made in Italy using quality components.
  • Diesel Fired (other fuel source options available upon request).
  • Proven Technology for drying Rice, Barley, Corn, Wheat, Soybean, Hemp & others.
  • Large selection of models in the range.
  • Fast ROI.

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