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AGRIDRY is now the MECMAR Batch Grain Dryers & Roasters Agent for Australia & New Zealand

AGRIDRY is now the Australia & New Zealand Agent for MECMAR Mobile Batch Dryers

Designed and developed to ensure high production yields, Mecmar mobile Batch Grain Dryers meet the needs of small to medium sized agriculture producers. Mecmar has a large range of Grain Dryers and AGRIDRY is able to supply all sales, service and support for the brand in the region. From Grain Dryers to Roasters Mecmar has been producing grain dryers for over 40 years and sold extensively in Africa and Europe.

Mecmar Roasters, roast cereals of various types and are treated homogeneously: the roasting process is performed in an optimal way, in order to guarantee numerous benefits. Many cereals and legumes, such as soy, are interesting for animal nutrition due to their high biological value of proteins, vitamins, fats and minerals. It is therefore a question of eliminating those anti-nutritional elements that hinder the assimilation of nutritional elements and this is where grain roasters come into play.

With the roasting process, in fact, trypsin inhibitors that interfere with the digestion of proteins are minimized without affecting the contents of fats and vitamins. In addition, bypass proteins are increased. All this makes cereals more appetizing for animals which, eating better, are more likely to grow strong and healthy.

Available now through AGRIDRY Pty Ltd – Toowoomba

Please call AGRIDRY on +61 (7) 4631 4300 or email us at

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Low Maintenance/Long wear. High Capacity. Low Horsepower. Clean Convenience

AGI WESTFIELD is the leading auger manufacturer in the world for superior grain handling equipment.

It was in 1950 that Abraham Plett bought a grain auger to resell to a customer and when the auger collapsed under load, he took the opportunity to design a better undercarriage. Shortly after the manufacturer refused to incorporate his design improvements, Abraham decided to build a better grain auger himself.

Abraham sold his first two augers in 1951, choosing the name WESTFIELD along with the now familiar bright yellow colour, reminiscent of fields of golden prairie wheat.

AGI WESTFIELD now has 200+ employees producing a comprehensive line of portable grain augers.

For over 70 years, AGI WESTFIELD has, and continues to have, a commitment to farm proven designs and innovation. As a result AGI WESTFIELD has earned a solid reputation for superior augers, auger accessories and their range of durable belt conveyors.

Available now through AGRIDRY Pty Ltd – Toowoomba.

Please call AGRIDRY on +61 (7) 4631 4300 or email us at

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VIBRA FLOOR silo reclaim available through AGRIDRY

Bulk Material Reclaim Made Easy

Over the last 30 years, Vibrafloor has provided an innovative modular vibrating reclaim system for over 250 sites across the world, to completely empty bulk products from steel and concrete silos, hoppers, warehouses, railcars and ships. The system utilises the vibration generated by a low power vibrating motor, to create a wave in the flexible surface plate of each module. The wave action undermines and collapses the leading edge of cohesive and free flowing bulk products. That wave creates a progressive avalanche of the stored material, which can then be easily reclaimed, much like the erosion of a cliff at the ocean.

The range of cohesive and free flowing bulk products, that can be reclaimed from bulk silos is extensive and includes:

  • Biomass Silos (Wood Pallets, Woodchip, Sawdust, Bagasse, Husk)
  • Animal Feed Silos (Soyabean Meal, DDGS, Canola Meal, Feed Pallets)
  • Food & Agriculture Silos (Raw or Refined Sugar, Flour, Bran)
  • Cereal Silos (Wheat, Barley, Malt, Maize, Soyabean, Canola)
  • Industrial Silos (Cement, Fly-Asf, Potash, RDF, Fertiliser)

No other reclaim system for silos can provide the same balance of advantages

Which includes:

  • Routine maintenance, other than visual inspection
  • No damaging vibration or stress transfer to the silo or structure
  • Effective reclaiming of cohesive and free flowing bulk products
  • Very low energy consumption
  • High potential reclaim rates
  • Gentle action does not degrade products such as rice kernels, wood pellets, fertiliser crystals.
  • No restriction on the size or shape of a silo
  • No rotating or wearing parts (other than the motor)
  • Installed in new silos or retrofitted to existing flat bottom silos

Available now through AGRIDRY Pty Ltd – Toowoomba

Please call AGRIDRY on +61 (7) 4631 4300 or email us at

AGRIDRY is now an AGI UNION IRON Temporary Storage & Material Handling dealer

Temporary Storage for Grain & Bulk Commodities – Bucket Elevators, Drag Conveyors

Serving customers since 1852, Union Iron offers a broad spectrum of material handling and storage equipment for use in commercial markets including: temporary grain storage, bucket elevators, drag conveyors and structural equipment.

Union Iron promotes and prioritizes employee and customer needs by providing products and services that meet and exceed expectations. By continuing to draw from our deep history of providing superior solutions, we continue to offer our customers top quality products. Available now through AGRIDRY Pty Ltd.

Call us on 1800 AGRIDRY or email us at

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AGRIDRY is now the Australia & New Zealand Agent for EBM Gentle Roll screeners

The Gentle Roll™ is designed with a rotary drum to sift, scalp, sort, or clean. Known for its quality, efficiency, and reliability, it has gained a reputation unmatched by the competition. The Gentle Roll™ is used predominantly in the Grain, Feed Pellet, Wood Pellet, Pet Food, Salt, and edible bean industries, but has proven successful in other applications such as fertilizer, mineral, rubber, and range cubes, just to name a few. Its time-proven reliability and quality make the Gentle Roll™ the perfect solution for all your product screening needs. Give us a call to see what the Gentle Roll™ can do for you. Available now through AGRIDRY Pty Ltd

Call us on 1800 AGRIDRY or email us at


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AGRIDRY is now an AGI NECO dealer for Mixed Flow Dryers

You want a big dryer? AGRIDRY has the solution

AGRIDRY is proud to announce it is now an AGI NECO dealer for Mixed Flow Dryers.

Two great companies in the Drying Space working hand in glove to deliver best in class drying solutions up to 160t/hr in the Australia and New Zealand markets.

Founded in 1959 by Bill Patterson, Nebraska Engineering Company (NECO) has strived to incorporate quality and innovation into new product lines focused on in-bin grain circulation, conditioning and drying. With over 120,000 square feet of manufacturing space with ample room for expansion, NECO combines real world, hands-on experience and state-of-the art- technology to build products from the ground up. This process is unique within the industry and enables NECO engineers and designers to control the product development process; make adjustments quickly; and utilize the latest in computer software technology to deliver continuously improving grain conditioning products.

Diesel, Gas, Biomass Options Available through both product lines, Mobile or insitu options available.

Products that can be dried include: Grain, Maize, Wheat, Sorghum, Barley, Beans, Hemp, Canola etc.

More about the AGI Neco Mixed Flow Dryer:

How The Aeration Process Works

Food production is a highly valuable industry in Australia. With the available commodity dryers and grain aeration systems, looking after food in the production process and keeping its quality high is made simpler. One way to keep grain quality high throughout the production process is to take it through aeration.  

What is aeration?

Aeration can be described as pushing a front of ambient air through the grain bulk, while it is in storage. Its purpose is to keep stored grain cool to ensure minimise the risk of insect infestation and/or mould. This process is managed via silo aeration systems. Silo aeration systems consist of high airflow fans that are attached to your sealed silo via a hole in the side or conical base, and sealable roof vents that are easily installed at the top of the silo.  When paired with an automated aeration controller, the aeration process becomes more precise. Controllers use wet-bulb temperature readings to determine the best time to turn-on aerators, ensuring that only cool, dry air is utilised.

When it comes to finding the appropriate aeration system for your silo complex, it is advised to seek expert advice from professionals. The Grains Research & Development Corporation (GRDC) have published a useful guide to understanding aeration systems which is publicly available here:

The benefits of aeration?

Protecting the quality and ensuring the longevity of your stored grain is critical to your bottom-line. Grain maintains its optimal condition if it is stored in an environment that is cool, low in moisture, low in insect activity and also low in mould activity. When grain is stored correctly, it will not only last longer but it will provide more value for merchants and consumers.

Keeping the grain cool will:

  • Reduce insect infestation
  • Prevent mould growth
  • Assist in balancing moisture levels
  • Assist in balancing temperature

Do you need help with your aeration procedure? Agridry are the leaders in crop drying technology. Contact us to see how we can help you.


The process of drying

The importance of drying and drying processes.

Drying often forms a critical part of harvest and post-harvest operations for a wide range of growers across a range of commodities. In broad acre cropping applications, it can mean the difference between a successful, profitable harvest, and significant losses. In seed production, moisture content and therefore drying, often forms a critical component of a seed’s quality and potential longevity. In essence, the drying process is a key step in the supply chain from paddock to plate for a wide range of commodities.

The drying process:

Drying is the process of reducing the moisture content of a commodity to a point at which it is suitable for storage, processing or consumption. Drying objectives typically vary between commodities, for example, broadacre grains are typically dried to deliver a safe moisture content for long-term silo storage, or to achieve an acceptable moisture content for marketing, while other commodities, like hemp seed, need to be dried immediately after harvest to ensure retained product quality. Drying rates and volumes vary depending on the commodity and the ambient conditions in which the drying process is being performed. The drying rate may also be heavily influenced by the drying method.

Drying methods:

There are a number of popular drying methods that have been integrated into modern production practices. The ideal method varies widely depending on the type of commodity the climatic conditions, topography, access to capital, the type of operation, availability of power and fuel sources; the list goes on.

In Australia, drying is mostly a mechanised process and, for seeds and grain, typically falls into two broad categories: batch drying, continuous flow drying. Batch drying involves passing volumes of heated air through the stationary grain bulk. Continuous flow drying involves a system where the grain is passed through a series of layers that pump volumes of heated air through the grain as it moves. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. To learn more about which method would be most suitable for your operations, download the Agridry Drying Guidebook.

Products that may require drying:

  • Wheat
  • Quinoa
  • Canola
  • Bread crumbs
  • Nuts
  • Pulses
  • Oats
  • Coffee
  • Grass seed
  • Safflower
  • Cereals
  • Millet

Are you on the lookout for a commodity dryer for your business? Agridry are Australia’s leading manufacturers in dryers and aeration products for the agricultural and commercial food processing industries. Get in touch today with our staff today and see how we can help you.